Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Facebook pics

I know that some of you don't have me on facebook so I am going to try to see if this allows you to look at my pictures, I hope it does. Someone should email me and let me know if it does or doesn't. My email is

Food- 1

Many people have asked me what I eat here so this past week I started to take pictures of everything I've been eating, which draws a lot of attention and laughs, but I've been doing it anyway. Here is some of the interesting things I've been eating this week:

My favorite thing here, GUAVA!

This Macaroni dish that my host mom made. I didn't think that I was going to like it because you make it with Ketchup and corn and peppers and stuff, but it was REALLY good!

There are always many options for dinner and this is two from the other night. The one with the nuts was REALLY spicy so I got about one bite and had to stop and the one with the tofu (which I don't like) gives me a stomach ache every time I eat it so I was glad that we had Macaroni too.

This is the Sundae I got at Swenson's after school last week, the American flag was an added touch!

These little cake like pastries, they were pretty good, they use different flowers and leaves to give them color and taste so the taste is very different than anything we have in America.

I went to a party and at parties the serve a lot of different food, many courses, so here is the menu:


This really spicy pork and onion dish, it was really good, but when I was finished I couldn't feel my lips!

This is what the fish looked like before. . .

and after everyone ate, everything is gone except bones and head, needless to say I didn't join them in this!

I decided not to eat this when they started to play with the head and open and close it's mouth like it was talking. Someone even ate the tongue!

The fried rice I ate so much of!

Pork and Chicken soup with bamboo, I don't like bamboo and the chicken wasn't very good but I ate some it anyway.

Dessert was this amazing rice pudding thing with a paste like thing on top and a sauce on bottom, I love it, made it in cooking and now eat it whenever I get the chance!

I have more food, but like this post says, #1. Some another day I will share more with you.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dinner, Zoo, Beach

Sorry I didn’t write last week, but nothing exciting happened until this weekend. I have been doing some things to write other blogs, like taking pictures of foods and writing about when I ate in my journal so that I can write a piece about that. I also decided that I am going to take my lap top with me while I travel so I will write posts on Word and when I get the chance I will post them to my blog, sometimes one sometimes more.

So this weekend was definitely eventful. I wrote 10 pages in my journal about it and I’m sure that I still missed parts. Well I’ll start with a brief summary of the week leading up to this most eventful weekend.

Monday: I went to school and sat in the English Lab all day. It was exam week so there were no classes and Lucas (the boy from Brazil) and I have no exams so we just got to sit around all day! We went to the 7/11 three times that day, they probably thought we were insane! There were some boys who came into the English Lab at one point and they were supposed to be taking an exam, but they kept staring at me and Lucas just laughed! I talked with Macy on MSN for awhile, which was really nice! I miss her and so I like to hear from her when I get the chance.

Tuesday: I stayed home because only kids Mike’s age had exams so everyone that I spend any time with was gone. I talked with Tom for a while on MSN which was nice because we don’t get to talk very often, but he wasn’t very nice to me, not really shocked by that though. Spent most of the day doing nothing really, was rather boring, but I managed.

Wednesday: I went to school. Meow and her friends had a break from exams at 10 so that is when we ate lunch. I worked on a poster that I had to do for one of my English classes after that, but I got sick of that and Lucas and I went get ice cream from one of the places in the cafeteria. We only went to the 7/11 once that day, but I bought a water there and two at school before that, so I couldn’t avoid the school bathroom. I broke down and I went, though if I never have to again that will be okay with me. I guess I will describe it for the pleasure of those who get a laugh out of my horrible bathroom experiences: It is this small room, the door doesn’t lock well, the floor is wet so you have nowhere to set your bag, and directly in front of you is the like toilet seat thing with two pieces on the side for your feet. Directly next to that is like this tile tub filled with water. You place your feet on both sides of the toilet thing and you squat down, most uncomfortable. There is no toilet paper unless you bring your own (thank goodness for Charmin ToGo) and then in order to flush you take the water from the tub and pour it into the toilet thing until it is clean. It is very odd and I would not mind if I never have to have the experience again, oh and there is no soap so I’m glad mom sent me the bar of soap! Now on to happier times, after school my host mom took us to get ice cream at Swenson’s. The ice cream was okay, I had a brownie thing with peanut butter cup ice cream at the bottom (nothing tasted like home, but it was okay). They put this really cute American flag in mine, they are for this American Sundae thing they have, but Meow asked them to put one in mine. I kept it and put it in my journal.

Thursday: Stayed home again because of little kid testing. I slept until 8:50 which is the most I’ve ever slept since I arrived here. I finished my poster for school, which took a long time because I had a lot of writing and stuff to do. I packed for Friday night because Meow and I spent the night at an apartment. Other than that, I didn’t do anything amazing.

Friday: School was normal. Bashayer called me and we talked for like two hours! I can’t wait to see her at the camp in a few weeks! Meow was supposed to get me from the English lab at 3 and didn’t come until 4:30 and never called to tell me anything. The movie that we were supposed to go to was at 4 so we ended up missing it, which was okay because it was a horror and Peach told me it was really scary (and it was in Thai so). After she picked me up she took me to one of her friends house and she went to have her teeth cleaned or something like that. It was one of her friends birthday so we ate cake, it was good even though it tasted completely different than American cake. After we finished there we went to dinner. I ate a lot, even the shrimp that still had the eyes and guts and everything! I decided that it was better if they didn’t tell me what I was eating, which worked out because they didn’t know what anything was anyway. I put pictures of it on facebook so you will have to look because it’s too hard to describe how we cooked it. After everything, I went to Cherry’s apartment (Meow’s best friend) which is close to the school. I realize now how spoiled I really am. They have no shower there, only the garbage cans with water and a toilet like at school. They didn’t have any beds either, only really hard cushion things that Meow and Cherry told me to sleep on and they slept on the floor. I didn’t sleep well because Meow and Cherry talked until after 1 and then I woke up at 3:30 and never went back to bed (I had to get up at 5).

Saturday: The zoo was really fun, I got to hold a snake, pet an elephant, and see a really fun Acrobatic show. I was supposed to wear my gym uniform, but in the end I decided to only wear my shirt and to tie it with a pony to make it look decent if I was going to be in any photos. The zoo was small, but it was fun. I liked the reptile house with all the different snakes and lizards and stuff. The elephant show was AMAZING! They were so beautiful. They did some of the most amazing things, like one could keep the beat of music with his front foot, and one could walk on his two back feet and stand up like a human. The acrobatic show was cool; they kept flinging themselves in the air and doing all sorts of really awesome stunts. The day was fun, but I was really tired and went right to bed when we got home, only to wake up at 3:30 with a horrible nightmare!

Sunday: I went to the ocean with my host mother, sister, and brother. We drove about 20 minutes to this harbor and then walked through the harbor. There was this path just outside where the harbor ended that we took. We followed the path for 30 minutes (with pictures stops) along the most beautiful green water I’ve ever seen. We saw tons of jellyfish and crabs and other animals; they said that the young live there before heading to the ocean because the water comes right from the ocean to that river. At the end of the path were these two rundown buildings that they said were some princess’s a while ago. Straight ahead of the buildings was some rocks and the ocean. The ocean was so blue! I sat on the rocks and watch as the waves beat against them for about 10 minutes, then I was really wet, and went back to the others (they were sitting in the shade so that they didn’t get dark). I got sun burnt from that short amount of sun and I got stung by a bee, though I didn’t feel anything major (it got caught under my shoulder strap and so I felt a pin prick, readjusted my bags, felt it again, lift the strap and saw a bee there). After that we went and ate lunch at this beach restaurant. I didn’t like the food much, but I ate it anyway. There were chickens in the back by the dishes and that was rather gross to me, and there were lots of dogs and puppies. This one dog kept looking at me like Daphney does when she wants my food. After lunch we dropped Mike at home and went to visit Meow’s grandpa (I thought it was my host dad’s dad until my host mom brought out photos of herself so I don’t know who’s dad it is), he is very ill and they don’t think that he is going to make it much longer. The mother doesn’t speak English so while they visited him I sat and zoned out. Before we left they showed me the trees and bushes and watermelon field that the family farms. I got bit by this ant and it hurt a lot more than I thought it would. After that, we didn’t do much, just came back to the house, Meow went and got her hair cut, and then ate dinner and went to bed.

So, this is the gist of my week. This week is nothing until the 2nd when I go to Bangkok with Meow. I am home alone with Mike because Meow has special exams today and Science camp the rest of the week (that’s what I understood at least). It has been raining a lot lately, like right now it’s pouring (not that it ever rains lightly here). It was sunny for a few hours earlier, but that didn’t last. Not much to do, been writing today and will probably write some letters tomorrow so that I can send them all out before I leave.

Hope that you are all well and I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to read my blog, I’m sorry for the time that I put in between posts, but keep checking in because I will try to post at least once a week, and for those who don’t have me on facebook I’m working on finding a way to let you see my pictures too so as soon as I figure it out I will let you know.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random Events of the Week

Alright, no specific topic for this post, just random events of the week.

Monday was a good day. I added some more classes (though I don’t know why since last week was the last week of the semester and everything changes when we get back). I had baking which I was excited about, but no one speaks English so it was a little challenging especially since I can’t hear the bell in the Kitchen and I didn’t know when the next period was supposed to start (I had English 4th period but they bake from 1st-4th so they weren’t going to be leaving). I managed to make it to class just after the bell rang. I had to take the exam (I don’t know why since it doesn’t count), it was easy since it was English and so I finished in 10 minutes while the others took the whole period. I basically sat and read and waited for class to end, running on small errands for the teacher (Paul) a few times but not really doing much else. I wanted to try Chinese, so Lucas and I went to 6th period Chinese (1st level). The kids just started to learn Chinese in June and they already can understand what the teacher says and they can read most of it and it’s all in Chinese!!! I don’t know how they do it, but they said that I would take private lessons to catch myself up! After school my host mom came and had to talk to Mike's teachers about his poor grades, she cried the whole time, so I felt that it I should probably tell her about the fact that he was failing a class (I overheard him being told on Friday while we were waiting for her to pick us up), I really felt bad about telling her, but I figured it was important so I did. It was not the happiest nights and I spent the night reading while the others studied. For dinner we had Octopus, which wasn't horrible, but I could go the rest of my life with never eating it again!

Tuesday was another day like Monday where nothing exciting happened. There was an exam in my English class so Lucas and I sat in the back room and read and played scrabble (which didn’t go so well since I know so much more than him, but it was a good time waster). I was supposed to go to Thai dancing, but I couldn’t because I only had one shoe. In Thailand when you enter a building you have to remove your shoes and leave them at the door. I have always been a little nervous that someone was going to run away with my shoes even though they had my name on them. Well, I was pretty certain it was an accident since only one shoe was missing and that it would show up eventually (which it did), but until it did I couldn’t go anywhere so I was pretty much stuck in the English lab and couldn’t go to dance, which was a little upsetting. We had some really good garlic pork for dinner. After dinner the others did homework again and so I spent the night reading.

Wednesday I was supposed to have cooking but that didn't happen because they were wrapping classes up because of the end of the semester. I didn’t have Thai either because Gayoon was gone, so I sat all day in the English Lab doing nothing! After school I thought my shoes were gone again, but someone had just put them on the other side of the hall. For dinner we went out to eat, which is very different than home. All of the restaurants are outside and you can only order from a small selection of things! My host mom bought me two bowls of noodles without me knowing, I ate them both to make her happy, but when she tried to get me another I told her no!

Thursday I had no classes. After school we went to the store and I bought a translator, but I still can’t figure out how it works. When I type in a word it just gives me the English definition and not the Thai translation, and the manual is not divided into parts and labeled so I have to read the whole thing to find what I’m looking for. At least my host sister put it in English so I know what everything is.

Friday I had English and got my exam back (I got one wrong, but it truly should have been right so whatever). After we got our exams back we divided into groups and started to work on the plays we have to perform for second semester. I am the narrator, the only speaking part, which I shouldn’t be but it’s the only thing I can do since I don’t really have the resources to bring anything in or to do much else. I didn’t have Thai because the teacher is in charge of preparing exams and so she had to do that. I talked with Flannery (a girl from Indonesia) for a long time about so much stuff! I think I will post parts of what we talked about later!

Saturday I read most of the day, but we ate a traditional Thai breakfast which was really good, and traditional lunch (which was gross and they kept giving me more), and for dinner we had a Japanese thing which was really good (it was breaded vegetables and shrimp, I can’t remember what it’s called).

Sunday was hot, but it really wasn’t as bad as it has been in the past. I talked with my host mom for a while and played checkers with her and watched some TV, but mostly I read! I didn’t like last night’s dinner at all, so I didn’t eat much, but I ate some. I went to bed early and woke up this morning at 6 even though my alarm wasn’t set until 6:15 (it seems that I wake up at the same time every day! Thanks dad, I get that from you!)

This week is the last week of school for a month! I won’t be writing to you guys from the 2nd to the 19th, so if you want me you should catch me before that! I also posted my address on the side for those who are interested in writing me letters, I love to get mail and will write you back as soon as I get the chance!

Cultural Note: The Thai King is in the hospital after serious fever and fatigue! He is the oldest monarch, out doing the Queen of England by one year!

Friday, September 18, 2009

What is their concept of time?

The Thai concept of time is one of the most annoying things I have ever had to experience! The people here are very laid back and carefree. The do not stress details or anything at all really, when stress comes their way the just freeze up and can’t function anymore. So, because details aren’t important, they are never on time for anything! They run things on their own time and don’t really care about others involved. They don’t communicate plans effectively either (which is very frustrating).

I will give an example of their time oriented ways. When I went to Bangkok to meet with Srunya a few weekends ago, we were supposed to leave at 7 but last minute my sister decided that we wouldn’t leave until 9 so we weren’t going to arrive until really late. When we finally arrived, she was not going to call Srunya to check anything, but I told her she should. Before we separated I asked her when I was supposed to meet her and she did not know, so I was kind of left to just guess as to when we were meeting. When we finally met up with her I asked her when we were supposed to take the van back to Petchaburi, she said that she didn’t know and that we would figure it out when we it was time. When we finally got back to Petchaburi I asked when my host parents were going to pick us up, she didn’t know, she said she would call them and they would come whenever they came. It was the most frustrating thing not having any definite plans or knowing what was going on!

Another example is at school. Classes never start on time and it is not important for students to be on time, because teachers are never on time. The teachers then hold the children for up to 15 minutes into the next class period so that they can finish their things, which puts the other teachers behind. Nothing ever runs on time here! If someone says to meet them at 12 you can usually wait till about 12:15 to head there and maybe they will be there. I have basically given up trying to figure out when things are going to happen and asking for plans because I know that they will not happen the way that they say or that they won’t know what the plan is.

I never realized how much Americans care about time before. I knew that we hate it when people are late and that we are always making definite plans with solid details, but I never really thought about it. We are very detail oriented people because causes a lot of stress in our lives, whereas here they don’t do stress so they are a lot more laid back.

In this case, I guess I will just have to say “It’s not good. It’s not bad. It’s just different!”

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What is school like?

School is very different. To start there are 3000 students here, grades 6 to 12. They have 8 buildings spread out throughout the block, and they aren’t in any order (I think that they built them in various places and numbered them as they built them never taking the time to put any order to it). When you enter the school through the main entrance to the right is a statue of the founder of the school and you must ‘wai’ (the bowing custom) to it and to the left is security which you also must ‘wai’ to. The first building to the left must be the administration, but I’m not sure. There are two places where every student must swipe their name tag in front and it has an electronic sensor that tells the school that they are there. If you do not swipe your card a message is sent to your parents that you are not at school, if I didn’t come to school mom would receive a message my host mom said!

At 8 o’clock every morning they have an assembly to raise the flag and to do some talking of some sort, I don’t understand what they tell the students so I go to the English Lab. As they raise the flag the national anthem is played by the band and one of the students leads the others in singing it, which is pretty cool. Sometimes the assembly last until 8:45 but most days it finishes at 8:30 which is when classes are supposed to start.

I love lunch here because it reminds me of a food court. There are 16 different shops to choose from and each one offers many different options so that if I only went to the same place every day, I wouldn’t have to repeat the exact same meal for at least a month if not more! I love that they have an ice cream place and a fruit place and a Thai dessert place too because I can always get something interesting to eat after my main course! The water is 5 baht and you can buy it all day. You can also get soda or some like juice like thing at a different place, but they fill the whole cup with ice before putting anything in it so by the time you take two sips it is all gone! Lunch can be purchased from 3rd period to 7th and after 7th you can buy the sweets and the fried things as well as water, but that’s it. The bakery is also open 3rd period to the end of the day, so sometimes I go and buy things from there.

My school has one of the top English programs in the nation. They have only native speaking English teachers in the English department (though for the students who English is not their main path they have Thai English teachers), they have one man from the Netherlands who speaks very good English so he is the only one is English is not his native language. The teachers are all really nice (well most). They are all very helpful to everyone and really try to make me feel comfortable. I enjoy talking to them because they understand where what I’m going through and they had the same culture shocks I did. They are all great and try to help me in whatever way they can.

My classes are very interesting, well most of them are. Thai cooking and Baking are challenging because no one speaks English, but I think that is kind of fun and that I will really enjoy that in the long run because I will learn a lot in those classes. This week is the last week of classes for the semester and next week all of the students have exams so I will be all alone in the English lab because no one has any free time (well the teachers will be in and out, but there will be no students). I plan on studying Thai everyday for at least an hour or two on my Rosetta Stone and maybe an hour or so in one of the books or packets. I really want to learn to speak because I have been here one month (Congrats to me I made it a month!!!) and I still don’t know any more than when I first came, so I am very disappointed in myself! When second semester arrives I will take some more classes and I think that I will take some of them in Thai so that I am forced to pay attention and to learn what is going on rather than sit in an English class where everything is so easy!

After school is fun because there are always food carts lined up along the school and we can go and get food and on Mondays there is always a market in the field across from the school which is filled with food and clothes and jewelry (and people) so it’s fun to go and explore. We can’t eat inside the English Lab (though I sometimes have snacks in here) so when we get food we sit out in front of English building at the picnic tables and eat and talk there. School gets out at 4 and I usually have to wait till around 5 for my host mom to pick us up, but sometimes she is earlier and once or twice she has been later.

The worst part about school here is the uniform. I don’t have anything again nice uniforms, but these are absolutely hideous and so unflattering. Mine shirt (which is a very light almost white blue with puffy pleated sleeves) is too bad but if I got a size smaller than I couldn’t move my arms because the sleeves would be too tight! The skirt is supposed to be worn above the belly button, but I got mine big enough that I could wear it just above my hips and if I lose any weight I can wear it around my hips like I like. The shoes are uncomfortable and give me blisters on my heels and the socks are the kind that you roll down not the ankle socks that we all wear. There is a belt that you must wear with the skirt, but there is no belt loops so you have to use butterfly clips, one on the right side and one in the back, in order to keep it in place (the one in the back is uncomfortable if you lean back). Then either we have to have our hair cut to right about the ear lobe or we have to pull it back into a pony and put a ribbon around it (they are nice to me and don’t make me pull my hair back). You can’t wear make-up or jewelry, though I wear my bracelets, watch, and necklace. The gym uniforms are terrible too and you have to wear them all day even if you have gym second period. The gym uniforms are navy blue sweat pants with two white stripes down each side and the school logo on your left hip and those elastic pieces you put around your feet to keep them in place. The shirt is a middle shade of blue and is very stiff (it is a pull over your head dress shirt type thing) and very uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. The shoes for that aren’t so bad, but I wear my running shoes because the gyms shoes have no arch support and are not good for my feet. So all in all the uniforms are horrible and I can’t wait for a three week break from them and for summer to come so that I can be done wearing it forever!

Well, now that I have written a two page (on Word) paper for you all to read with your busy lives, I think that will about do for this topic. I have a list of topics that have been mentioned to me that I will try to touch on at least two to three times a week. If there is anything you are interested in let me know and I will add it to my list and if you have any questions on something I write just let me know through comment, facebook, or email (

Friday, September 11, 2009

This Week's Adventure

Monday: The day started out annoying because with everyday my host family wakes up later and later which puts me farther and farther behind, because the lock the door to the outside where we hang our towels and once they get up and get theirs, I must wait for them to shower before I can. After taking a really quick shower, I ate the last of my breakfast food and hurriedly finished getting ready for school, which included finding out that my computer case was too small and having to maneuver the computer in a way that would make it fit! When it came to second period, gym, I packed everything up and headed to the gym area where I figured I was going to have to wait for everyone since I arrived on time (here the teachers don’t care about time, they hold the students for up to 15 minutes into the next class period so the students are always behind). I waited for about 5 minutes then grew antsy and decided to go see if anyone from my class was by the English Corner because I knew from the week before that they had to walk right past there in order to get to class. As I was walking back I saw a large group of them talking and heading towards the pavilion area so I followed them and when they all sat down I realized that there was no class! So I went to sit in the English corner again until 4th period English. English was kind of boring. They were reading the Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe and writing down words they didn’t know to look up for homework. After class the teacher told me that because that assignment didn’t work for me, I had to DRAW a movie poster about the story. I had no idea though that describing poster board to my host mom was going to be so difficult, she still doesn’t get it and I need it so I can do it this weekend because it’s due Monday! After 4th Period is Lunch and then another free period before I have Thai Cooking. We made Jello which was really cool and this class has several English speaking kids, so it was A LOT more fun! After school my host mom picked us up and we ran errands until pretty late and then came home and had dinner.

Tuesday: The morning started out the same except that I didn’t eat breakfast because there wasn’t any so by the time I got to school I didn’t feel very good, but I managed. Second period I had English with the 6/6 kids (seniors) which was ok, but I don’t like the teacher at all so it wasn’t the best class. After English, I went and sat in the English Lab until Peach came and invited me to come to her class with her and watch a performance by some of the children (on the way we stopped at the Minimart, which is a small place for the students to buy snacks, and we bought donuts). After the performance we had lunch, which I was very happy about! After lunch I had nothing to do, but none of the other girls in the upper grades did either because on Tuesday’s the older boys have Military training. Eighth period I had Thai dancing, which was so awesome to watch but sooooo hard to do! I am glad that I am in that though I don’t know if my wrists are!  After school was the same as every other day so nothing interesting happened.

Wednesday: The school day started with going to Social Studies with Boom, where I didn’t understand anything! After that I had a free period and then Thai cooking. In Thai cooking we made something very similar to Rice Pudding, it was very good! We finished early so I went to the English Lab where I talked with Gayoon (my coordinator and the head of the English Lab) and added a few more classes. When she returns on Monday from her conference in Bangkok we will officially add them. After Thai Cooking is lunch. I had no classes in the afternoon because Gayoon left for her conference. Other than the normal after school routine, nothing happened.

Thursday: I had Social Study again with Boom first period and then I had English with the teacher from Wisconsin. After class he was talking with me and he said that he has over a hundred books and if I wanted he could bring some in and I could take my pick of them. So next week he is going to bring a few in I think. Fourth period I was supposed to go to English with Boom but I was doing something and hadn’t packed anything up and I didn’t want her to be late because of me so I told her to go and to not worry about me. Her 6th period gym was cancelled because the teacher was absent and my 7th period was cancelled because the teacher was gone (which I wouldn’t have known except someone translated the note on the door for me). So I went back to the English Lab where Peach caught me and asked me to go and watch her play! I am glad that I did because it was very funny! I would try to describe the play, but too much would get lost if I did so sorry, but I can’t. Also that day I tried to go online and download some of my favorite shows, but all of them won’t let me because I am not in America! It was a rather boring and long day!

Friday: I had English 2nd period which was rather lame because they were just finishing the Tell Tale Heart and discussing some of the words from their lists. After lunch I had 6th and 7th free and Thai 8th so I waited in the English Lab yet again! I was excited for Thai, ready to learn something, but as usual the teacher talked to me about my American life and hardly said anything to me in Thai, maybe a total of 10 words which I can’t remember because she said each once and that was it! I went back to the English Lab after class and packed up my things expecting that my host mom wouldn’t be too long, then I went with Peach to buy some food. After we returned, I ate and waited for my host mom to come. She didn’t arrive until 5:30 so it was a very long wait with just my host brother (who doesn’t talk to me) because Meow went to a dinner with Rotary. After she picked us up we went to buy dinner, but for the first time since I met him, Mike didn’t want to eat. We stopped at several places none of which we went to because he didn’t want to eat. I ended up eating dinner alone tonight and am now waiting for the internet because Mike is on it! This weekend I have no plans and so I will be stuck here the whole weekend reading I guess!

P.S. Sorry that I didn’t write this week, I will try to write more next week!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Markets today

Woke up at 4 so that I could be out the door before 5 to head to Bangkok for Meow's meeting thing. Had to sit through 5 hours of people speaking and me not understanding, but I didn't complain because I know how important it was that we were there. After that, I was starving from not eating breakfast (they don't eat breakfast here so it's not a problem for them, but it is for me) but we still had to go an hour to the market and then find somewhere to eat. I made it, but I didn't like what we were having so I ate a lot of the pork thing and noodles. After that we walked around and stopped and ate some of the market food. I ate Guava (I love that stuff!!!) and the others ate shrimp and oranges. After that we walked around and I got to see the floating markets. They said it was the largest floating market in Thailand, so that was cool. We had a group photo taken and my host dad gave it to me, so that was really nice. He also bought me a really cool key chain and so did Peach, which was very sweet of them. On the ride back we watched some sort of horror film that I hated, hope I don't have nightmares from it! I couldn't stop watching though, because I wanted to know what was going to happen next, stupid movie! Got home and watched Wedding Date and now I am waiting for dinner. I plan on calling Great Grandma tonight, but if she isn't there I will get up early and call. Tomorrow I'm home all day, so I'll probably get through another book. Going to ask Meow to look for the last Twilight in English tomorrow when she is in Bangkok since she has to go to a book store anyway. Hope she finds it, I really want to know how things end, the suspense is going to drive me insane!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Next weeks schedule

Thanks to Boom, a really nice girl at school, I will have more classes next week because she is going to let me shadow her! Here is next weeks schedule:

Monday: 2nd PE, 4th English, 7 and 8 Thai Cooking (that I will understand!!!)
Tuesday: 1st Science, 2nd English Conversation, 3rd Health, 4th Chinese (Yep I'm going to attempt it I'm that crazy), and 8th Thai Dancing
Wednesday: 1st Social Study, 2nd Math, 3rd and 4th Cooking, 6th English, 7 and 8 Thai with Gayoon
Thursday: 1st Social Study, 2nd English, 3rd Chinese, 4th English, 6th PE, 7th Gift Making
Friday: 1st English, 2nd English, 3rd Thai (12th grade Thai, no idea why I'm going to that, but whatever!), 6th Social Study, and 7 and 8 Thai with Paa Taw (the head of the language department)

I have lunch during 5th Period so that is why I never have classes then. Im very excited for next week! I just hope that she doesn't get sick of me! I'm so worried that I will be annoying and she won't want to be around me anymore!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just a day!

Today was not a great day and I knew it was going to be this way from the moment I woke up at 3:30! I finally fell back to sleep about 30 minutes before my alarm went off, so getting up was REALLY REALLY rough! After I got up the morning just went really slow but yet I couldn't seem to be on time. When I got to school the internet was down and then the power went out. It was out for a while and there was nothing to do. When it came back on I got scolled for playing Solitaire something I have been doing since day one, because it is against the rules to play games which no one bothered to tell me. After that I had Thai Cooking, which I was excited about until I got there and NO ONE spoke English. Some of the girls spoke very small broken English which was really hard to understand so it was very frustrating, and then the recipe is in Thai and so I can't really do much. After class I was supposed to meet Peach, but she wasn't there so I was waiting and feeling really stupid just standing around for 10 minutes. Lunch was good, ate like a big but was still hungry which is sooo weird. After lunch I was going to go to class with Peach but it was a double period and I had Thai during the second half so I was stuck in the English lab. During Thai I couldn't remember anything which got really frustrating so I was glad when she took us to the library. In the library I met a really nice girl who went to Chili last year. She is going to take me to her English class tomorrow so I'm excited and she said that I can come to her Thai Cooking class on Mondays 7th and 8th period and she would help me. After school she took me and Lucas school supply shopping, which was really nice of her since her mom was waiting. Tonight I was hoping that my laptop would arrive, but it didn't and I am getting really anxious since it was supposed to be here Monday. I am planning on going to bed early since I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. I hope that tomorrow is better!